Private Life, Public Spaces (Part 2)

At the start of FdA Web Design, I found this course pretty interesting on how we were taught to communicate with the fellow students. In work related learning (WRL), I have learnt that communication is a big key role in any employment and as working in small groups or big teams. This also helps meeting clients and discussing work processes and presentations. I also found time management was crucial, but as I wasn’t working at this time, I had achieved plenty of time to check and recheck my work.

In my typography module I have learnt more, how type were first invented and how the process from hand written to printed and finally web-based type was generated. I recognized how the olden days were very hard and frustrating to set out each letter for the printing press. This takes a lot of time and effort, which would ideally cost more in the present reality. I also now know the differences between typefaces for print and for web. This was something new as I have been taught most of my life in print work. I recently took a 3 day placement working as a web designer while studying. I have also learnt quite a bit in the web design industry through this.

For my interface design, I have never professionally created a web design layout for a client before. This was something new as well. I knew websites had some sort of grid structure as to print, but after hearing about the 960 Grid System, and taking time to explore the various grid system structures, I thought I had learnt more. The elements placed on a web page look so big, but when printed out on paper, this looks very small. So scaling from paper to web has some maths involved. Choosing colours for screen was more difficult as they appear to look different to print based colours. Matching the right colours I found a little time-consuming, but when the colours are right, it is more easier to set all the web pages right.

The next stages of my learning process is to concentrate on revising for my exams and also for coding. Coding is the most important element for me as this is a whole new field. As working for a company, for family and self, I have found time management a big issue. I noticed most of my time goes in traveling places to places, especially in town areas where there is always traffic. I try to avoid most traffic by setting my travels ahead of time but sometimes there are unexpected traffic on the roads. So to balance my work load I may have to cut a day or two from working to self learning.

So for my next modules ahead, I will try to plan more time for self studying and maybe use the facilities that my tutor has given to me on particular days. This will be very essential.

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