How do you manage it?

If in doubt, do you cross reference the advice to check if it’s correct?

Are you the type that will go beyond and give advice to others?

Could you potentially persuade people within reasons to change their minds?

Would you give a mini task that will benefit a persons understanding? E.g. Go read something…

It may just lead to improvements over a pyramid scheme.

Do you serve the answer on a plate?

Do you learn anything from it or just repeat what’s being advised?

Can you think for yourself or does someone need to instigate it to make you think further?

Now let’s reverse this…

Splitting a team into teams – some unbalanced.

Some skilled, some partially skilled, some new, some old.

When teams think differently – it could be ground breaking or complicated.

Some systems are just harder then others due to its nature of legacy technologies.

Some systems have multiple dependencies on services to separate logic out, but long run creating additional work, spending more time on abstraction.

How about the ignorance?

Teams focus in many different directions, ignoring the underlying core problem.

Avoiding conflicts of interests.

Avoiding being told what to do?

Avoiding what’s right from wrong, just to do their way.

When seeing this behaviour for far to long and often.

Question to you…

How do you manage it?

Treat them the same way they treat you?

Or be different, continue to give advice and let failures happen to prove a point?

If fails either way, you’ve learnt something new!

Finally choose the easy way out or tackle the challenge head on?

One advice, simple and clear.

Do question, do validate, do cross reference, do assurance with reasons and include facts.

Aim of the game, make it super clear.

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