Generalists vs Specialists

Do you have a spare moment and own a LinkedIn account?

When it comes to designing and developing UI in software or websites, I’ve always tried my best to think of the end users with UX in mind.

Sometimes it’s not clear from the start, but it eventually becomes clearer during the process.

Sometimes it’s difficult to spot where ones skills lie after experiencing different aspects whether it’s in design or development.

Feedback is crucial, always a powerful tool if done correctly, so here I am asking my LinkedIn connections…

How well enough do you know me, if you were able to endorse me from a list of skills, what would they be?

Are there any knowledge gaps that you would recommend?

Guess the term Front End Developer is now loosely expressed in terms of how much knowledge is needed and can be found more in specialised career paths.

Now wondering whether to be a generalist or specialist – what are your thoughts on this?

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