Maybe just…

You’re trying too hard or the ones that are looking, searching, judging are one requesting way too much, maybe, sometimes on demand, whether that’s internal or external.

Spotting the difference is another trait.

Don’t become the bait, but spot it and report it, where there’s a growing concern.

Maybe there’s something more, inbetween the lines, grey areas?

No one likes to be confronted, but sometimes it’s needs to be addressed before things spiral out for sure.

Trying to be nice can only get you partially there, but sometimes a firm conversation will address those issues.

But whether that gets acknowledged, is another matter.

We’re all here to help, so that’s a great thing!

But the issue maybe is everyone wants an opinion that influences the end result, usually those that are also very passionate about it.

Having more then one voice can translate into noise, then you’ll find it’s not consistent anymore.

You’re solution maybe allow room for discussions, if it’s a new project or process. But not too much, nor too little. Somewhere in the middle… or… allow room for negotiation, if it’s for small changes that don’t affect global changes. If it’s a global change then you may want to rethink your strategy.

If you need a visual then let’s plan one, again allow room. Side note to this, by visual meaning mockup. So expect changes during a process, not like for like. There will be a reason behind it.

Get the gist, planning is essential for the best results, so let balance it out. By doing this you will able to spot edge case scenarios where you may have not thought about or overseen.

It will make you think harder and clearer where to make changes before the build process.

Not only that above, but also stop working on things twice, which usually become the norm as nearly every request coming in becomes an urgent matter when technically it’s not. It also stops bugs being introduced after an urgent amend.

Most of all, think about the capacity we also have. Projects, features, small amendments vs resources and most importantly time. Think wisely about it.

Something has to change to balance the need for space, whether that’s in a group or personal level, both are pretty equal. We have talent so let’s use it the right way in the correct context.

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