Cleaning up the Process

Right now, having spare time is great.

Useful to spend time refactoring code bases.

For simplicity and legibility sake.

Easy for new recruits to understand and easily maintain with a little bit of help from colleagues around them.

Scaling at ease while growing phenomenomly.

Reviewing some learning materials to picking something new and trialing its outcome.

Converting legacy code to current standards.

The additional performance boost when loading data via API’s and handling Front-End manipulations for aesthetics.

Thinking more innovative for individuals and teams, where to optimise productivity.

Where to cut repetitive bore from manual tasks that could be automated.

Making things from both sides easy that isn’t usually straight forward from different areas of a system.

Could it be possible to have different areas to be unique and optimised for different departments while keeping consistency?

It’s no longer just a feature, call it the user experience workflow – a start to end process.

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