New Strategy

Having time spent reviewing code bases and realising where to optimise productivity.

Helping out not just the end users, but the developers either sides of the teams.

One of the biggest issue with our monolithic system is where to find certain features.

This is because of many reasons.

Built by different developers all at different levels of skills with specific software knowledge based on tech stacks and software patterns.

Different methods of implementation down to the fact of nature, learning and improving the code base with the knowledge had a the time.

A change in a process by a feature request that doesn’t quite match up in the code.

All these point have something in common and that is making a person think, spending the additional time finding where to make changes and follow where data is being processed.

Solution you may ask is pretty simple, but it’s a challenge on a huge system with multiple apps and tech stacks.

Create a draft of structure, discuss with both sides of teams (the theory). Set a PR with a mini exercise converting one area of code to this structure (the practical).

Review with teams and allow others to follow the same process. (the test)

Now you have it, a Recognisable Folder Structure (RFS) for any person to understand.

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