Awareness of Communication

There’s no problem talking about real issues that have a large impact.

Based on day to day activities, if something is taking longer then usual then you’ve got a problem.

Whether it’s a long winded process, a hardware or software system, network, or performance issue – all cost time.

Take a random day of the week.

Before even attempting any task, first you need your tools on standby – that means loading them up.

Now calculate that every time you need to switch between one or the other and wait for it to be ready.

If each individual is doing this on a daily basis, time is taken away.

Time that is multiplied by individuals, resulting large amounts of delays.

This is just one generic example of a minor issue out there, but there are many more.

Question to think about is, how can we optimise this?

Does it concern a process?

Is it repetitive? Can it be automated?

Is it hardware related?

Is it slow? Is there enough memory for CPU, GPU or RAM to do its job? Can it be swopped for a better component or device?

Is it software related?

Does it consume more memory resulting in frozen screens? Is it offline or online? Is it designed to load once? Is it using the users browser to manage data rather than calling each page for data? Is it built using one application or embedded with multiples?

Is it a network issue?

Is it slow? Is there any online apps that consume more bandwidth resulting in poor network issues? Is it using a firewall? Is it too restrictive?

Does it concern performance?

One of many after thoughts, once an app, software or system has been built, but should ideally be considered in the planning phase – it usually is the trade off with time management.

Identify the most common issue first and provide a solution that will reduce the delay and measure the impact it has made.

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