Looking through the lens…

Looking through the lens… with detail.

Observing by listening and watching to what users have to say.

Seeing in action, the fast-paced environment.

The vast amount of tools and systems in use just to get the job done.

Trying to understand the users current knowledge of features with-in a system vs their limitation on time to understand new or unknown features.

Again it could be down to multiple reasons, who knows – let’s park those to the side.

Question: Can this be simplified?

Gathering all results from various teams and harnessing those results into top line priority.

Thinking where to apply…

Quick shortcuts, short enhancements and bug fixes.

Ways to automate procedures that would prevent repetitive patterns of processes whilst high turn over in work force.

These are today’s modern business challenges with-in all industries.

Investigating routes to finding solutions on concerns mentioned.

Sometimes it’s easy said then done though.

Finding unusual structures shared between pages and nested within components of a system.

Seeing a pattern of concern and taking responsibility to rectifying those issues could take time given how often it’s been reused and in several places.

Having dedicated teams with different skills can help solve these problems, working along aside each other liaising with our users to ease the daily strains away.

Users are then left to perform their best and take action to help and solve queries as soon as possible.

#NotForgottenJustBusy #HelpingWhereICan #GotIdeasToShare #ExecuteWhenICan #TheProblemSolversMission #TheCallCentre

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